Beaux’s Haven is a non-profit terrier & small dog rescue and wellness center located just outside Houston, Texas in the scenic countryside of Hempstead, Texas.  We are building everything from the ground up on our property of 3-1/2 acres to house the little dogs until they are adopted and care for them in a loving, safe environment.  We work with shelters in Houston to obtain our little dogs… they come to us needing a lot of medical and grooming attention.  We provide all of that, help them regain their happiness and health, then seek out companions that will look after them and give them a happy, loving forever home.
Thank you for your support! More importantly… the little dogs whose lives we hope to change thank you!
Our Mission
Beaux’s Haven is dedicated to saving terriers and other small dogs giving them a second chance to find a loving new home as a companion pet with someone who will cherish them. Education and wellness are just as important to the human-dog bond as are love and a safe home. We want each dog and guardian to be the best possible match so that bond is unbreakable.
Our Non ProfitOfficial 501c3

Beaux’s Haven is a registered 501c3 nonprofit in the State of Texas. We strive to be transparent in our operations here and want you to know how we operate.  Our document of acceptance as a federal nonprofit is available for public viewing on the right and we make our books open to the public while providing donors with privacy.  We want you to know your donations are well spent in helping little dogs in need.

We believe in being open and honest with our non profit and this too applies to our financials.  You can view 2014-15 Financial Statement here.  Rescue is not something that makes money.  The first 3 years of any business you run at a loss, that’s because there is a lot of learning to do.  I don’t run a desperate rescue… I’m not on Facebook posting sad faces and begging for money every five minutes.  I don’t take on more dogs than I can manage.  I do have a few people who have donated and helped me… and I am very grateful they have taken the time to volunteer.  While donations are greatly appreciated… rescue should never be about begging or high veterinary bills.  If we can’t handle it… we don’t do it.

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