Adoption Updates

Adoption Updates

It is wonderful for us to receive update photos of dogs that lived here at the Haven and after sending out Christmas cards, we did receive some new ones. We appreciate every person who adopts a rescue dog from us or from any shelter because dogs deserve a new beginning filled with love and hope. Today as we begin 2016 I want to share those photos with you.

Do you remember Henri? Before last Christmas he was abandoned in the middle of nowhere and left to die. He was just a puppy who didn’t deserve this to happen. After he was found, a Good Samaritan called the local dog Humane Society to have him picked up. Henri was frightened and during the New Year’s Eve fireworks noise he hurt his leg at the place he was staying. So Henri needed a rescue to take him to find out what was wrong and heal him. Kim decided to take him in and do all we can to help.

Henri came along very quickly under our care and the photo above shows he is no longer a puppy but a full grown dog who is now loved and cherished. You can tell by the photo that Henri rules the roost. If you want to learn more about Henri’s story read this

Look at Missy now! When Missy came to the Haven she weighed a whopping 17lbs. She had many health issues which we had begun to work on and we decided to see if there was an adopter who would continue on the path and get her down to a proper weight for a tiny dog and continue giving her treatment and an exercise plan. Our wishes were fulfilled when after receiving many enquiries about Missy the Maltese, one woman stood out who knew a lot about this breed and was willing to work with her to give her a better life.

Now Missy weighs 10lbs, a normal weight for this little dog and her owner told me she loves to go out walking every day. She has kept her on a healthy regiment of a careful diet and wellness plan and Missy is a happy little dog who is much loved. Her last owner was very sick and did not realize her decline had also been the decline of Missy, so it is wonderful to know that this little dog has a forever home where she is much loved. You can read about Missy’s journey here

Dude renamed Beaux by his adopters left here with Benji to begin a new life together. They had not mixed together here and we honestly were not sure if it would work, but their new owners wanted both and worked at it. These dogs are now best friends who came from an entirely different background. Dude was well loved by his young owner who could not take him with her when they moved across country. I hope she will check in and see how much he is loved and cared for. It should give her great comfort.

Benji whom we rescued from a shelter was very sick for a while, but slowly he began getting healthy with good food and supplements. When he was ready he left here with Dude for a wonderful new start with a loving couple. These two dogs are adored and well cared for together. You can read more about their journey here

And now for Lula. Lula spent the longest time with us before she was adopted and we grew to love her so much. So as you can imagine letting her go to a new home was not easy. However it was the best thing we ever did. Her adoptive owner adores her and as you can see they are glued at the hip. Lula joined her owner’s family for her first Christmas in a loving home. We could not be more happy and when Kim saw the photos, tears rolled down her cheeks because Lula was so special to us and now she is special to others. Read all about Lula here

We once again want to thank our adopters for sending us update photos and continuing the good work we began when they arrived at the Haven. Without loving people who decide to give a rescue dog a home, none of this would be possible. Happy New Year to all of you.

Hopefully we will receive more update photos of other dogs who began a new life here at the Haven and we can share them with you. To all dog lovers throughout the world I thank you and wish you a Happy New Year.

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    Linda love this site! We understand having done same ourselves many dogs and cats many yrs. Days I wonder why Im here? I just look at loving faces of many furry friends Ive rescued share my bed.

    Then think They are glad Im here! They care unconditionally. They undertand my pain try to comfort all they can more than any human ever.

    Still think rescues KNOW and are eternally grateful! Love Robin! In Memory of Feisty. Will donate as soon as possible! Toney loves too.

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