Angel Paws

Angel Paws

This is the second style of bereavement card I have designed and made for someone to send to a special person who has just lost their dog. I wanted to make a smaller card which does not take quite as much time as the first card and therefore the purchase price is lower.

I am making these specialty cards which are unique because they are designed to put on a refrigerator or a magnetic memory board for a special reminder that although the dog has left this earth, it has never left the owners heart.

Right now we have seven dogs in our care and some will be here until they are completely well, which takes some time. Others will stay permanently because finding a good home is difficult. But they will always be loved and have a place to call home so I am trying to help feed them by making personized magnetic cards for those who are grieving and at the same time it will help feed and give these dogs supplements to get them back on track to wellness.

All funds will go to feed a Beaux’s Haven rescue dog.

I put these two samples of this card on my own refrigerator so that you can see how a simple magnetic card can fill a grieving home with a remembrance presence. The card can be personized with the dog’s name and it will then say Angel Paws ‘name of dog’.

I am a writer and poet and every poem is written as a very personal message and copyrighted by me. This card is 4″ wide and 5 ” high.

If you prefer a different color other than blue or pink, please ask when you order and I will do my best to accommodate you. If it is not available, you can choose another color.

The purchase price of this card which includes postage anywhere in the continental U.S.A. is $8. To send this card to other countries please add $2.00

This is the poem for this card.

Angel Paws

My best friend is an Angel
Who watches over me
I miss my dog so very much
Was part of family

I hear the noises in my head
A bark so far away
A vision of the years we had
Are still with me today

The times we walked together
Our footsteps touched the ground
These memories now fill my heart
The perfect notes of sound

Both poem and card are copyrighted by me Linda Kilpatrick. Copyright@2016

To view this first bereavement card please got to this link

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