Brothers a Story of Thanks Giving

Brothers a Story of Thanks Giving

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This morning I opened my email to receive a lovely surprise. Two new photos of Benji and Beaux together, brothers forever.

This photo came in this morning. On the left is Beaux, once Dude, renamed after our little Beaux who died and made all this possible. Benji is on the right looking very content in his adopted home of one year.

This time last year we received a call about a lovely dog named Dude. We were asked could we care for him and find a new home where he would be taken care of for the rest of his life. That is a tall order for a new dog rescue but we were up for the challenge. Dude’s owner a sixteen year old girl was heartbroken having to give him up, but her family was moving out of State and could not take him with them. You can read Dude’s story (now renamed Beaux) here

Benji came from an entirely different background but we don’t know it all. We do know that he wound up lost and in a shelter, without any identification. When Kim saw him, she knew he had to come home with us, but he was very sick with kennel cough. You can see the first blog I wrote about him here

While they lived with us, we did not foresee a future for these two little male dogs together. This was because each were so vastly different. Dude had been carried around by his doting owner and spoiled rotten in a nice warm home. Benji was younger and he was very toy oriented and perfectly content being an only dog, living in my studio. He did not seem to be interested in socializing with the other dogs and was very happy with his toys. How life changes.

When a lovely couple came to see them we had no clue they would take them both. They had asked to see each of them and wanted to know if they had spent time together. They hadn’t. The reason is we don’t try to create best buddies here although for short intervals we do try to socialize those who seem willing. The reason we don’t try to turn them into best buddies is because one day they will be separated to go to a new home. This can often create problems for the new adopter and sadness for the dog.

Perfectly content in their forever home, one year later.

Here is part of the email that came in with these two photos. “Hi Linda.  It’s hard to believe that’s it’s been almost a year since we got our sweet babies.  It seems like we have had them since they were born.  They are both doing well, like they’ve been brothers forever.  I need to make a video of them wrestling each other.  Bo Bo has to do everything that Benji does, it’s comical. “

When the prospective adopters came to see these two dogs they fell in love with both and wanted to take them home. They had already decided if it worked out they would go home with them, and they had purchased two crates for the long drive back to Fort Worth Texas. These two dogs rode side by side that afternoon and arrived in their new home together.

We told the adopters if they did not work out together, they could bring one or both back to us and we would find another new home for them. But they were determined to make it work and make them part of their family. That is what good adopters do.

We can never be certain that someone is the best person for one of our dogs but we try hard to make sure they won’t wind up on the street again, nor die in a shelter. Luckily we had had great experiences by paying attention to the details of what people say and how they act.

This weekend is Thanksgiving and many people will decide they don’t want to pay for the care of their dogs while they go away for the holidays. Shelters become over full. In high kill shelters some may die before the holidays especially those who aren’t quick to adopt out. Please, please treat your dog as part of your family and make sure they are loved and cared for regardless of your holiday plans. Read more about this here and make the holidays a wonderful time for your pets. Happy Thanksgiving to you all from us, Cocoa, Ella, Harry, Lucky and Sammy. We give thanks to all good adopters who will love their pets forever.

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