Staying Well Part Five

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This is Benji in his permanent, forever home. If you missed the other blogs on our wellness program, begin here. This is the final blog I am going to write in this wellness series, but it is not about … Read More

Staying Well Part Four

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This is Cocoa who was the first dog to come here after Beaux died. He made us laugh and healed us from the loss of Beaux. If you missed the other blogs in our ‘staying well’ series, begin here. … Read More

Staying Well Part Three

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Lucky is living with us forever, because he is not the most adoptable of dogs. He is a sweetheart but we believe he originally came from a puppy mill. When he came here he needed a good supplement program. If … Read More

Staying Well Part Two

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How sweet is little Jack, in bed in his adopter’s home. Read part one here. One if the questions we are often asked is what to do when a dog is limping? Little Jack came here a very sick … Read More

Staying Well Part One

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Superman Harry When dogs come here from a shelter, it can take a long time to learn things about them, including their quirks and health problems. So, they stay here in our home until we know as much about them … Read More

Benji & Dude Find a Home

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Today it is Christmas Day and I knew I had to take the time to write this blog so that I could send the link to a young woman who I am sure is missing her beloved dog during this … Read More

Building a Haven

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Part One. Everyone has to start somewhere and everything begins with an idea. That is why we began Beaux’s Haven and want to build a nice comfortable setting for dogs who come here from shelters. The journey building a building … Read More