Lula has a Home

Lula has a Home

Oh how we miss Lulabelle! A little black dog with tons of personality and the greatest wish to learn.

Lula lived with us for a long time, in fact for ten months. When she came to us she was so unhealthy from poor nutrition and she was very sick from kennel cough from the shelter. She was one day from being ‘put down’ as they call killing a dog, but she wasn’t ill, just unhealthy. She needed to have a chance at life and when my daughter saw her she gave it to her and brought her home.

We were dealing with a few sick dogs at the time, but with each one, we got better at treating them holistically and getting them back on their feet ready for adoption. There were days when it was all go, with barely time to think of ourselves. But as each dog gained strength and their true personality came through we knew what type of home they needed and we waited for the right person to adopt them. Sometimes that means waiting a long time, but for us it is better than wondering if they are back living on the street or back in a shelter, facing death.

We try not to get too emotionally involved but of course that is not possible. Dogs draw you in emotionally and you can’t help but become attached even though you know that one day they will be adopted. Lula was a dog that loved to please her master. Her eyes lit up when I said “Lula, catch” and she took the position to catch a small soft toy. It was her favorite game when in the evening it was her time to be number one dog and get all the attention from my daughter and I and plenty of belly rubs.

Juggling several dogs is not easy, just like juggling several children. I grew up in a house of eight children and we each vied for special attention, so here at the Haven each dog has a special hour in the evening when we dote on them on their own without any other dog getting some of the attention. We work with each dog’s special personality and have learned what they need to feel much loved and very happy. With Lula her special hour was play hour. Noisy, happy and energetic. The rest of the day she spent in my studio where I worked either writing or designing and making things and she was quite happy with me. She had her own bed beside me while I worked, where she took a pile of toys to keep beside her. We called her a toy hoarder. Often while lying in her bed, the squeaking began as she chewed on her favorite toys with squeakers. She made me laugh as I heard her noises of happiness.

When she got bored she would nudge my fingers off the keyboard to let me know it was time for a hug. I would get her up on my lap and snuggle into her fur and talk to her. When she had enough she would jump down and grab a ball and begin to play alone. She totally entertained herself until the evening when it was all about catch and play with the three of us. Then it became noisy and happy in our living room because she would run and jump from couch to couch where I was on one and my daughter on the other. Between catch it would be a squeaking session where the toy was given some happy chewing. Life with Lula was fun and now she has a home of her own where the fun will continue all the time as she is now a special dog full time.

We had many calls about Lulabelle from potential adopters. Many we knew instantly would not be right for her wellbeing. Some we thought may be but they dropped out. What exactly is Lula as a breed, was often asked. We don’t know for sure was our answer. But we thought she may be a Patterdale terrier as she looked a lot like them when we searched images on Google. You can see them here We also thought she could be a miniature Labrador because although small she had a happy Labrador personality. Loving and eager to please. But it never mattered to us her breed, because we loved her dearly.

I know to some people breed matters. But when you walk around a shelter and see all the dogs that need rescuing rather than to be put down, you don’t care about breed. You want to save them all! We specialize in small dogs because I am disabled and can’t handle large and powerful dogs. This way I can help and do things such as making their food because we don’t give them store bought dog food. We make it ourselves from chicken or meat with vegetables and oatmeal, for better nutrition. You can read what type of food we give them here I also give them time and love when my daughter has other things she has to do.

Lulabelle moved into my studio after Rocky was adopted. She was the fourth dog to be in my care, for me to learn more about her to know what she needed in a home when she left here. I knew she needed someone who would give her a lot of attention and play with her at the same time training her to enjoy her abilities. I truly believe she has huge potential as a Frisbee dog or one who will enjoy playing catch in the park. All I know is for sure she aims to please her trainer and that is a sign of a truly good dog.

When recently we received an email from a potential adopter, we took notice. It was the things she said and why she wanted to adopt Lula that struck a chord. So we set a time when the adopter could come here to meet her but the night before we both wondered could we ever let Lula go. I had wondered about it many times in the past when I thought about her leaving, but I always reminded myself the reason we are a rescue. We are their carers to get them healthy and well adjusted, for as long as it takes to find the right home for them to be given all they need for the rest of their lives. As I played with Lula I often wished I could run outside with her playing catch. But I can’t. Being disabled means I can’t give a dog like Lula all she needs and in admitting it, I always do the right thing and let them go to someone who can.

Lula became an emotional support dog for a young woman who has gone through a traumatic experience and needed one on one support that a dog like Lula can give. In exchange Lula will receive all the love and emotional support she needs for the rest of her life. Now that she has it, I am secure in the knowledge that she is well loved and safe. That makes me truly happy and I can rest easy knowing she will live a wonderful life with tons of love and care.

Please if you send us a note asking about one of our rescue dogs, please give us details of your life and tell us why you think one of our dogs is the dog for you. Don’t just write and say “Do you still have it?” If that is all you have to say, we probably won’t entertain you as a dog adopter for a Beaux’s Haven rescue dog. Lula was the eighth dog to be adopted from here and we love to continue to know that each of the dogs we saved are happy and healthy. Photos from their new home are always gratefully received, because we loved them so much. To every adopter we always say thank you for caring so much that you chose a rescue dog to give your love and your home. That is why we do this.

If you want to know more about emotional support dogs and see another photo of Lula, please read this.

Lula enjoying a new bed, in a swanky new outfit. Yes Lula you deserve this much love and care.

It is important to know that black dogs are put down more than any other color of shelter dogs, so please if you miss a dog you loved because it has died, please consider rescuing a black dog. Read more about Lula here

Lulabelle is now making her new mistress smile again now that she is an emotional support dog. Emotional support goes both ways and now both are very happy.

If you want to learn more about registering a dog as emotional support please read here

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