Rocky has a Home

Rocky has a Home

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This morning when I got up and walked into the kitchen I was reminded of one bowl less to fill. This is because yesterday on Mother’s day Rockefeller found his forever home and I can’t be happier. This is because I had got to know Rocky so well and he stole my heart while he was in my care. I will give you the other blogs I wrote about Rocky at the end of the one and the YouTube video link.

Rocky like many Yorkshire terriers is not a tiny pocket dog. He weighs 20 lbs. and most people these days don’t want a good size Yorkshire terrier which is a true shame. Women are smitten with tiny dogs because Hollywood celebrity’s shows off designer dogs tucked inside hand bags all the time. But these terriers were never designed to be tiny. They come from Great Britain and they were originally bred as working dogs who would hunt rats during times of infestation. You can read about it here

But Rocky although large is the sweetest and most loving dog you will ever meet. It took him a while to understand that touching him was a good thing and to teach him I would never hurt him. This is because Rocky had been fending for himself for a long time without any family who cared for him. Now he has one and I am so happy for him.

I received a note about him on Saturday and I gave out our phone number in case the person was really interested. A call came in quickly and what I heard from the lady on the other end of the line made me feel her and her family was a good choice. You may wonder why.

She told me when asked that she had a fenced in garden that had been totally checked out to make sure a dog could not get out. She already had a male rescue Yorkie that they adopted since February this year and by what she told me the dog liked to play with others. We knew Rocky was easy going and a playmate for Rocky was such good idea. He is a huge playful dog that loves throwing toys and things that squeak.

Here is Rocky in his new home with a new buddy. He settled in quite quickly as one of the family and the family loves him dearly. He now has two boys to play with and when all the rain has stopped I am sure they will have fun outside.

This is when Rocky first came to us

Rocky is a huge player and loves toys. He has a knack for playing ball all on his own and has a good time

Rocky was a mess when he came to us and it took a lot of perseverance to get him on his feet. But I can tell you that doing it was so worthwhile and waiting for the right home took some time but that is what we do. Each dog must have a home where they are safe and will feel so much love or we won’t let them go. Once you learn to love a dog and care for them, that is crucial.

You can see many short videos of the dogs that come here including Rocky

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  1. Monty Hargrave
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    Congratulations on another proper placement. Musings: Growing up our family usually had a dog. One dog at a time. Lately I’ve come to realize one is not enough. Not for the care-giver, sometimes one can seem like more than too many, but for the benefit of the dog. Even in retirement we are busy people, and though I take my furry children with me many (uncommon) places, many others don’t want them. Groceries, restaurants, sister’s beauty shop, and some of the work I’m doing is not compatible with good dog care, anymore than it would be for a human baby. So another playmate for furbaby is a very healthy idea. Lessens separation anxiety, and gives them a sense of “pack” that I believe dogs need as much as people need a sense of family or community. Comments?

    • Linda
      | Reply

      I agree Monty. We always had one dog, but since we’ve seen them enjoy playing together, two is better. They just need to be compatible, just like we humans.

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