Santa Paws Dog Stockings

Santa Paws Dog Stockings

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It is not easy raising funds for shelter rescue dogs so I decided to try to help Kim raise a small number of funds to help with our Vet bills. It is assumed that a dog rescue will get a discount when they take a rescue dog to the Vet, but unfortunately that is not so. Last month one visit to have a dog checked and run blood work cost us $250 which we had to find out of our own living expenses. So, I decided to see what I could do to help this situation.

The result is that I made a red fur dog stocking with paw print cuff. I had enough supplies to make 20 of them for this experiment of offering something you can buy and feel you got something from your donation.

On the cuff of the stocking I used our signature Beaux’s Haven label and a charm which states it is for your best friend.

For the hanging loop, I used our signature shelter survivor label to remind you that the funds go to help a shelter survivor.

Now ready to mail are twenty stockings which will greatly help our rescue cause. If you wish to buy one and have it mailed to another dog lover please state when you order and give the address and details.

The price is $12.00 per stocking plus $3 postage and you can pay through Paypal by contacting me at linda@beauxshaven.comSave


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