Staying Well Part One

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Superman Harry

When dogs come here from a shelter, it can take a long time to learn things about them, including their quirks and health problems. So, they stay here in our home until we know as much about them as possible. Harry is a good example of this but since living here, he has changed into a happy and healthy little dog. I am often asked what we do to help a dog that is showing signs of sickness.

Many come here sick and we must watch over them constantly and begin a program to hopefully see a huge change, within a week. So, the answer to that question about what we do, is simple. We research, order supplements and other things and then carefully try them, to see if there is any change. If the dog is not showing signs that the product is a problem, then we continue.

Our rescue is now three and a half years old, which is not a long time, but we have learned so much, and we like to share what we know about the dog, with our dog adopters. Kim has a sheet of things we have been doing for a dog, and before they leave, and every adopter gets this, along with Vet and shot records. But it can turn into a book, if we provide all we have learned, so that is why I am going to write a short series of blogs with the information. This way, our adopters and anyone else can refer to them.

This was our beloved Beaux. We named our rescue after him, Beaux’s Haven.

Before beginning the rescue, we always had one dog at a time and it was easy to learn the dog’s habits. We knew if Beaux was not feeling good and we instantly reacted to make sure he did not get extremely sick. But now we have several dogs at a time, all different breeds and mixed breeds, and doing this has taught us so many things, that we have shared with our adopters. We do this so that the dogs good health could continue in their new home.

We are not holistic here at the Haven, but we prefer not to give medications, unless absolutely necessary, having lived through the nightmare of severe complications from different prescription drugs, ourselves. Medicine is often a guessing game, with no clear-cut symptoms. So, when you take your dog to the Vet, you probably expect something to give your dog after you get home, even when there was no clear-cut answer as to what is wrong with the dog.

I understand this because nothing is worse than seeing your dog sick, or lying around as if it doesn’t have the energy to live. To lose a beloved pet, for many of us, is like losing a child. So, we feel better if we have a pill or medicine to give it after we get home, in hopes that the dog will be up and running around, as normal, within twenty-four hours. However, from my own experiences with doctors, the medicine we give could do more harm than good if there is a bad reaction, or if nothing else you are putting something in your dog’s body, when it is not needed. So, the best medicine is prevention, by giving your dog daily supplements and treatments when needed, in hopes it will stay healthy and happy, for as long as possible.

We all get scared when a dog is sick and we should not wait too long to get help if there is a sign of danger. But perhaps there are things we can do to keep our dogs as healthy as possible. That is what we have been concentrating on here at the Haven, since we began our rescue. So, we search through a wealth of knowledge that is provided for free in the Google search engine and then search again to find what other people have said about a product. This way, we hope we are giving our dogs the best wellness program possible and we can still afford to do it.

It is scary to give your dog something you have read about but there are no clear-cut instructions as to what amount. On the other hand, sometimes it is the lesser evil than the side effects of a drug, especially if you spent time learning. Fortunately, out of all the things we have tried, we have never had a serious backlash, due to the number of hours we have read and researched, to check things out, before we try it.

We rarely get any donations here at the Haven and we don’t ask for them. If someone wants to donate, we are thrilled but we don’t push for donations. So, Vet bills can be scary for us. Over time, Kim has spent many hours trying to find the best way of treating our dogs ourselves and the first step is worming. Kim has tried many kinds and after researching for hours, she read what good dog breeders and owners who have several dogs, do for their dogs.

The first step to keeping your dog well, is worming. I know many people are trying to pay their bills and don’t have extra money to take their dog to the Vet constantly. We are no different here at the Haven.

So how do you know when your dog needs worming? I looked through many articles to find you the best one possible. Once you begin a treatment program, set up a canine wellness diary, so that you know when you last wormed your dog. Read this site to learn how to recognize your dog has a worming issue and learn all about the types of worms.

So, what do we use?

After reading many articles, this is what Kim ordered on line and has been giving our dogs for a long time with great success. Safe-guard for goats.

Once you have this, you need to weigh your dog for the correct dosage. You can take your dog to any Vet and ask if you can weigh it. There should not be any charge. Then you need to read and study, so that you can give your dog the correct dosage, according to its weight. To learn more, this site is very helpful with more links for you to go to.

This YouTube video will help you learn even more.

Soon I will write about another issue you and your dog may be faced with and tell you what we do to help.

Now read part two of our ‘staying well’ program.

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