Staying Well Part Two

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How sweet is little Jack, in bed in his adopter’s home.

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One if the questions we are often asked is what to do when a dog is limping? Little Jack came here a very sick dog, so it took a while to get him well enough for running around. Once he was up and running, we discovered how much he loved to play with balls, so every night Kim and I played ball with him, in our living room. However, he scared us because he began limping. So, we began him on the following program.

This is what our dogs get every day. Taurine and L-Carnitine. Kim buys most of the supplements we use in bulk form because it saves a lot of money over time. Then we put some into small containers bought at Dollar Tree and she labels them.

What is wrong with many of the dogs who come here is called soft tissue damage. This happens when a dog is not getting the nutrients it needs. This will explain more and I will give you the link to read further.

“If you have a dog that has received an injury go to your veterinarian as soon as possible and have the dog examined to rule out any chance of broken bones and torn ligaments. It is just soft tissue there are things you can due to expedite the healing process.

I have found a soft tissue (muscle, ligament, tendon) injury on a dog often takes a long time to heal due to inflammation. You are often given something for the pain but not for inflammation. In this program, I have included foods, supplements that help naturally with inflammation, that way you can choose not to use risky drugs or limit their use until your supplements have arrived. Natural supplements take time to work, I recommend 2 weeks before you will start to see a benefit, but it will help your dog if you are patient.”

Yes, soft tissue damage is very common and very scary when a dog becomes lame. You will usually rush the dog to the Vet, who will give you pain killers, and then states “If it doesn’t improve, you can go to an orthopedic surgeon, for surgery”.

We know this because it has happened to us several times, so Kim decided to research and try to give all the dogs who come here, supplements that could help change this injury.

When we got a call from a shelter about Henri, we were told that only a rescue could take him because he had a leg injury. Apparently, it happened during a stormy night and he went crazy in his pen. So, he dragged one leg.

We took him to a Vet to make sure nothing was broken, which there wasn’t and the Vet told us exactly what I have already told you. So, Kim began giving him L-Carnitine and Taurine, along with the other supplements and within two weeks, he was running when she walked him on a leash. Yes, we were amazed at how quickly he healed.

Not only does these two supplements help with soft tissue injuries, but it also protects their hearts. When Beaux was alive, we had no idea he had any problems with his heart, because there were no signs until near the end of his life. Had we known about these two supplements, perhaps we could have prevented him from dying at only ten years old. This is what can happen and once again I will give you the blog to read it all.

“It is so devastating when the vet gives you the bad news that your dog has heart disease and tells you to take him home and keep him comfortable as his days are numbered.

It does not matter what they call it, either an enlarged heart, a murmur, DCM (dilated cardiomyopathy) or heart failure, it’s heart wrenching to learn that your closest companion may not have much time left to live. What is even more bothersome is that the vet can’t tell you why.

Your head is spinning with questions; How could this be, just last week he seemed so healthy? What could have caused this? Is there a cure?

Those were my questions over seven years ago, when two of my dogs were diagnosed with heart disease. Within a few months of each other my two boys, seemingly healthy, who would run and play all day long started showing signs that something was not right. My worst fears were confirmed when the vet told me they had heart disease.

“L-Carnitine and Taurine deficiency cause heart disease”

I wanted answers that no one was able to provide. I found out that L-Carnitine and Taurine deficiency can cause heart disease in dogs and this lead me to even more unanswered questions. I did learn that there is no way of telling if your dog is actually deficient without a biopsy of his heart tissue, which are not routinely performed on living dogs. Although some veterinarians may tell you there are blood plasma tests you can do, these are NOT accurate. It has been clinically proven that a dog’s blood plasma can show normal concentrations of L-Carnitine and Taurine while their heart tissue is deficient.”

The thing is Beaux was running around, just like he did when we first got him at two years old. Until the day, he suddenly dropped over and we rushed him to a Vet. He did live three months after this, but the expensive medicine the Vet sold us never worked. It was too late. Kim and I did a lot of crying during that three months because we knew nothing we did could save him.

There are hundreds of these products out there, sold for dog wellness. Most are very expensive. But these two supplements can be bought in bulk powder form, in packets. L-Carnitine powder is exactly the same supplement for people with heart issues or diabetes. These supplements are prevention or treatment if you know your dog has a problem. Now, every dog gets these supplements every day, from the first day they come here and it is part of our continuing wellness program.

In the photo of the supplement containers, you will see what I use to measure the amount for each dog. Every night before I go to bed, I lay out their dog bowls and I add the supplements ready for Kim to add food, first thing in the morning, before she takes each dog for a walk. Our dogs are all small, none over 15lbs and most under ten. This measuring device is about 1/8th teaspoon, so I give each dog, one flat measurement of each supplement, per day. You can read up how much to give your dog what it needs, per its weight.

In the line-up of small jars of supplements on the kitchen counter is one more. Magnesium. Since Kim bought a bulk enzyme containing this supplement, we only use it is we think the dog needs it. This is especially good while a dog has an injury or if your dog has arthritis, or is in bad shape when they come to your home. Read another link I have added at the bottom of this blog, because magnesium is also very important to people.

So, all you do is Google each product and add ‘bulk powder’ and they will come up and you can choose your price point. If you have more than one dog, this is the best way to make sure they stay as healthy as possible.

Read the entire article about soft tissue damage.

Heart disease prevention.

I also write another blog called Mesh Angels and I gave the type of magnesium we give to our dogs.

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