The Greatest Gift

The Greatest Gift

sammy & duckSammy left a couple of days ago… and every time a dog leaves it’s hard to adjust for a week or so.  It’s very true dogs leave paw prints on your heart… as each one we take in and care for leaves on ours.  It sounds so easy to just go rescue dogs and then find them homes.  The truth is it’s very time consuming and try as hard as you might… you wind up very attached to all of them as you nurse them back to health both physically and emotionally.  To give one of them up to another home is one of the hardest parts of doing rescue.  Every single dog I bring in the door the first day I think I’ll just find this one a home with no problems.  By the end of the first week I want to keep them.  A month goes by and progress is made… and you just think it will last forever.  The dog is comfortable with us and we with them.  After which there are two ways it goes.  Either they are so high strung that you realize they need their own home and family as soon as possible… or you just figure they are no problem at all and want to keep them as long as you can.  Sammy was a no problem dog… and boy do I miss that little guy.

sammy & duck 2My load is lighter… feeding 6 dogs and walking them all is easier with one less.  But Sammy didn’t take up much time at all… content in his little box where he felt safe and happy. The last couple of weeks Sammy was here he discovered a toy duck he liked.  Sammy had never paid any attention to toys so this was a surprise.  He brought it over and wanted to play a little bit.  I don’t think he had ever known toys before… so this was amazing progress for little scared Sammy.  It also signaled his confidence was at an all time high… and he needed a home with so much more attention to give.

Although you want to keep them all… the best gift of love you can give them is finding them a special home all their own in which to run around all day.  A dogs job is to love their family… and that is Sammy’s job now.  Helping a family heal from a loss of their own 6 months before when their little dog lost his life to a fried chocolate pie.

As everyone knows chocolate can be deadly to dogs.  The truth is we all screw up every now and then and most of us are lucky enough to not face any final consequences of our actions beyond a scare.  This little guy however was not so lucky.  After a very large vet bill he didn’t make it and crossed the bridge… leaving a very large hole in the hearts of his family.

Sammy Driving HomeMany rescues are difficult about such things.  They act like it’s the fault of the pet parents… when in truth it’s a simple accident.  You don’t need to ban anyone from adopting a dog again… that’s a horrible insult on top of a lot of pain they already feel and will feel the rest of their lives.  So many rescues forget people are human… and we all make mistakes.  To open their hearts to another pet after the tragic loss of another… it’s not an easy thing to do for them either.  It is however something that will have amazing healing powers… you never forget your loved ones that have gone… you do however learn to love again.  We all need that in our lives.  Sammy too needs that in his life.  Whatever happened to him before to make him so frightened of the world is in the past and his new life has begun.

Healing together for a better tomorrow.  That’s the best part of dog rescue.  That’s why I let them go even when I want to hold on forever.

Happy Tails Sammy!  May you love and live for a very long time.



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  1. Marianne
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    Kim. Beaux is smiling down on you 2. You are so special and for nurturing and lovingly caring Sammy back to health and confidence.And that new family being able to adopt a new baby it’s just joyful tears to me !! My heart goes out to that family that they had an accident and lost their other doggy –I just can’t imagine. Over the years we’ve lost dogs -cars hit them , just got out and disappeared, old-age, cancer, and you’re right Kim -their paw prints on your heart are indelible! The family could have lied about the death , but no, they owned up and you know Chocolate will not be accessible in their home again…. There are other poisons out there to watch for! But the LOVE they have to give to Sammy is over the moon. They have the undivided attention for his joy now . yOUR job is done – rescue!! It will always hurt that you aren’t #1 in his life, but when they send update photos – you’ll cry, smile , feel guilty (I do about a kitty I rescued and gave away) but the deep satisfaction that YOU blessed that home again with a perfect fur child will be enough! Well done to you and your mom! I

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