Time for Bed

Time for Bed

A new photo came in this morning of Rocky living the life he was meant to live after spending the first two years being abandoned and

A new photo came in this morning of Rocky living the life he was always meant to live and I had to share it for everyone to see him. His adopter-owner sent it to us and all we could say was “Ahhhhhh”. Yes, to understand where Rocky came from and how he had to survive on his own for two years on the streets and to see him now, so well cared for and well loved, makes us so very happy.

Every rescue dog story should have this kind of ending, but sadly many don’t. A new dog is here at the Haven who will need some time to feel the way Rocky does now. His name is Sammy and poor little Sammy is so afraid he acts like we may hit him even when we show him love and speak to him in a very caring manner. What has happened to Sammy in his very young life will take time to get him over it and we know it is worthwhile to spend the time to save such a sweet natured little dog. Rocky is proof of that. But I also remember how Rocky was at first when we brought him home. Although he did come up to us in a friendly manner just as Sammy does, he was in such a mess and hated to be touched. It took time to show Rocky we were not going to hurt him and touching him could be good, not bad and he had nothing to fear from us.

From the day Rocky left here, his special owner continued on and brought Rocky to the dog he was meant to be. Well-loved and not afraid. When I saw the photo this morning it brought back the initial struggles we had with Rocky and how one day Sammy we hope will be another Rocky and live this kind of life. In the meantime there is a lot of work to do to help Sammy gain weight and confidence.

When I saw this photo I had to write a poem for Rocky.

Time for bed you sleepy head

You’ll have a doggy dream

Lots to eat and tasty treat

Perhaps some yogurt cream

You’ll snuggle down and close your eyes

And soon you’ll drift away

And when you wake, you’ll run and play

Enjoying every day

Rocky you deserve the wonderful life you live now and I will give thanks this Thanksgiving for all the wonderful people who adopt dogs like you and make sure you will never live on the street again.

Now meet Sammy.

Here is Sammy settled in on Kim’s lap for his first evening in our home. Sammy is under weight and very afraid and we know it will take a few months to bring Sammy up to good health and have less fear. I am writing about him today so that one day when the next difficult case comes in, and Sammy has a wonderful home just like Rocky, I will always remember that caring for dogs like these two takes time and patience. Sammy you will have a home with us until the day you are ready for a new home and we will make sure it is as good as Rocky’s home.

Now we know Lula has a wonderful home, we can take time to help Sammy through a very difficult time of transition. Please, do not abuse a dog like Sammy. Find someone who will love him and make sure he is safe. This is the least you can do for any dog you own. Dogs do have feelings and they understand pain and they don’t deserve to be abused.

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