Back in the dark ages women with holistic knowledge were branded witches… today some call them “white witches”… in truth there is no magic to any of it… this is just knowledge of herbal remedies and many hours of research and practice to know the value of what works and what doesn’t.  It is a shame our society so condemned these women… the medical knowledge they have provided us with in treating so many illnesses is beyond measure.  It is certainly something the doctors in this land could employ to treat the sick and dying of society.  In truth very few actually do and call this “complementary medicine”.  What you need to know is… doctors prefer drugs and surgery for a very simple reason… healthy people don’t pay the bills.  There are far too many doctors and pharmaceutical companies making millions of dollars off the bodies of suffering and misery of ill and dying people.  You can see this today in the emergence of many “24-hour emergency clinics” popping up all over our land.  The sad fact is… this is now trickling down into our pets… and they too are being subjected to the drugs and damage from this philosophy.

I am here to change ALL OF THAT.  With free advice from my countless hours of research.  I have survived the drugs doctors push and have returned to wellness… and I am now taking what I know and applying this to our little guests here at Beaux’s Haven.  This is not to say all drugs are bad… it’s about balance and only resorting to drugs when needed.

The best remedy for illness is simple prevention.  Good diet is essential and there are 3 supplements we include with our dogs food daily that keep their joints in motion and their bodies well.  They include:  Carnitine, Taurine and Digestive Enzymes.

Kennel Cough… how to manage and treat the symptoms.  Avoid all “Bordetella” or “flu-vaccines” the doctors push.  Yes… they will make you feel small when you say “NO” and ask why you don’t want that… I tell them “it’s my dog and I don’t believe in that.  I believe in holistic remedies.”  They will usually stop the inquisition after that… but it they don’t and start their sales effort of telling you all the reasons why vaccines are great… walk out and find another vet who will do as you ask.

Fleas & Ticks… as tough as it is there is simply no natural remedy for these unless you plan on fighting continuously.  We’ve tried them all.  In the end… we only use the drugs as we see an outbreak occur (usually when a new pet comes in).  For the lowest cost we order from a place called Pets Need Meds.  It doesn’t come in a fancy carton but everything they sell works just as well as the high cost brands with the same ingredients.

Worms… it’s a fact of life that worms will be a part of your routine with your dog.  Where do these worms come from?  Well they are all around in the earth… the eggs stick on the dogs feet as they walk and when they lick their feet then they ingest the eggs and the worms.  While there are natural remedies I can’t say any of them work well.  So once again we use Pets Need Meds on an as needed basis.

Natural Antibiotics… There is one natural antibiotic that works very well if you’re on a budget or can’t make it to the vet.  Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE) in small doses works wonders on pets.